SunSilva Oy is a family company operating from Lapland, Finland, and its industry is to produce acts for nature in various sizes.


Our customers are private people, public administration, and small and large companies around the World.


Through us you can protect forests by purchasing Very own trees, and grow old-growth forests of the future, valuable regenerated forests and better forests worthy of the name. You can get our products easily in our online store!


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+358 50 304 0350

Sirniöntie 2 A

Sirniö 97970

Suomi, Finland

Jori Alasirniö, CEO

Otto Alasirniö, Chief Operating Officer

Jaakko Alasirniö, Chief Marketing Officer

Aino Myllymäki, Chief Quality Officer


We operate in Northern Finland, but feel free to contact us regardless of your location!


Billing information

Business ID: 3246690-5 (FI32466905)

E-invoice address: 003732466905
Operator’s OVT-ID: 003721291126

Operator: Maventa

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