SunSilva Oy is a Finnish family-owned company specializing in tree protection and the establishment of new forests.


Protect a tree with our Very own tree service by buying it for yourself or as a gift. You can also do the Act for Nature™ by growing a tree to our afforestation area of your choice.


We service our customers from Northern Finland. Our customers such as single individuals as well as companies come from all over the world.

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In addition to the Avainlippu certificate we have received the Finnish Social Enterprise mark. This mark reflects our values, and we are proud of our achievement!


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very own tree (Ikioma puu)

With our Very own tree service you'll become a tree owner with one purchase on our online store. Very own tree is popular as a gift and you can also buy it for yourself. There is mainly birches, spruces and pines in SunSilva's forests, but there's also goat willows, alders and bush junipers. 


If you wish, you will receive a framed certificate of the tree in the mail with a picture of the tree you purchased, a heart-shaped identification plate with the engraved text of your choice, the location coordinates of the tree with which you can find your tree, and a description of your tree. You can equip your tree by hanging a birdhome for the bird. This will also be possible later because your tree can be found in the forest at any time.


You are welcome to see your tree at any time.

Remember the Outdoor Etiquette!

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Establishing forests is sweaty but fun work. Even more fun together.


Afforestation areas already tell the story of at least one generation long when we arrive at the scene for the first time about how the fields or peat production areas were once made by hand. Now the circle has closed, the space is deserted and the activity has ceased. The story of your forest starts here. Getting to know the history of forest patterns, tillage, planting, weeding, fertilizing, clearing... All this is experienced by us, people.


After the people leave, the forest starts to buzz. Especially after the forest grows, animal species and different plants appear in the area in huge numbers.


The same story applies to the forest protected by Your very own trees. There you can feed animals such as hares and reindeer in the winter, and give a family of birds a sheltered nesting tree.


Talking about the Old-growth Forest, we refer to a forest area outside the commercial scope of the forest industry, which can become the primeval forest of the future over decades and centuries.

Apart from climate change, species extinction is another current threat. The old-growth forest lives up to its name. This area is modified and planted with the most suitable tree species and allowed to freely grow into a new home for the forest animals and plants, without the threat of eviction. During afforestation, it might be necessary to take special measures to treat the smallest sapling in the forest nursery until it wins the meadow over, and the forest starts to grow. After this, it is left to reforest and grow into an irreplaceably valuable habitat!

Grow a tree in the Old-growth Forest (Ikimetsä)


The Regenerated Forest can be planted in the following areas: a disused peat production area, an old field or meadow, or another area requiring afforestation, such as a former courtyard or other open space.

The Regenerated Forest also lives up to its name. In this case, regeneration implies a new generation of trees. The area is reshaped as needed. After that, it is afforested with the most suitable tree species. The forest nursery is properly managed until it becomes a regenerated forest.

As a forest industry professional, I have seen many forest companies making their products and textiles of wood fibers to replace plastic. It goes without saying that wood is a living and ecological building material. After all, what else will be done with it a hundred years from now? The logging profit ensures the growth of the new forest.

Plant a tree in the Regenerated Forest (Uudismetsä)


The Better Forest is the term we use to denote the full replanting of a low-quality forest nursery or the implementation of new tillage and planting in really demanding areas.

This would be a great room for collaboration with an advertising agency here because this forest also lives up to its name. These areas are the most challenging sites since tillage must be planned very thoroughly on a case-by-case basis to prevent a tillage machine from destroying the beginning of the forest during the visit to the site or working process.


The soil may also require the planting of different wood types. These areas vary greatly in size, and there are plenty of them!

Grow a tree in the Better Forest (Parempimetsä)

Other products

#CARBON-FREEYEAR (#Hiiletönvuosi)

SunSilva challenges every Finnish individual and company to offset their carbon dioxide emissions by means of implementing a carbon-free year.

The average Finn annually produces a carbon footprint of 10,000 kg. You can offset this emission by planting 17 tree saplings, each of which binds 600 kg of carbon dioxide during its life cycle. However, we should plant more saplings since the saplings are threatened in many ways, especially at the very beginning of their growth cycle. You can decide for yourself what kind of forest you want to grow!

Birdhouses (Linnunpöntöt)

Would you like to offer a nest for a bird in our existing forests? You can get a great Finnish birdhouse for either your forest or ours, which supports SunSilva's ideology in every way!

High-quality birdhouses are made by the company Jätkä-Juho from the municipality of Hyrynsalmi.

HAY BALES (Heinäpaali)

You heard me right. I am talking now about a bale of dry hay! We spread the hay bales during the winter frosts on the heath, where hares and reindeer otherwise have trouble digging for food. The hay bale can also be placed in the feeder, where it is protected from snow flurries.

NB: The hay bales are only spread during winter.

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In the photo gallery, you can take a closer look at the different types of forests. The pictures of forests representing different forest types can help you to choose what kind of forest you want to create by means of planting your own trees.


And there is no way it ever will! The planting of the sapling is only the beginning of the story of the forest, and this story goes a long way.

In the future, we plan to develop a digital product for this story. We will install game cameras in the forest for you to see what happens there. We will also shoot other videos to go through the various stages of afforestation and demonstrate the successful outcome. You will be able to observe the forest nursery care, picnics, harvesting the berries and mushrooms, etc.

Our goal is to build sheds from the fallen trees from the storm, where you can relax, as well as to keep the forest healthy otherwise. The future is also secured as the landowners undertake to insure their forest nurseries against possible damages. We also insure the old-growth forest. If, for example, the forest was to burn or a storm would strike, we would plant a new one in its place.

Let's create a living forest together!

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