LAPP Automaatio and LAPP Connecto


SunSilva is proud to introduce its newest partners: Lapp Automaatio and Lapp Connecto! We warmly welcome them as part of the SunSilva family!


Lapp Automaatio and Lapp Connecto are part of the family-owned Lapp Group. Lapp Group is globally known for its expertise and high quality in cable and connection solutions.

Lapp Group is also known for its responsibility. Finnish LAPP-companies wanted to contribute to society by growing their own LAPP old-growth forest in the municipality of Ylitornio, in the Finnish Lapland. We will start to grow the forest with plantings in the summer of 2023.


Read more from LAPP Automaatio and LAPP Connecto LinkedIn-pages and of course from SunSilva's social medias!

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Roni Bäck

Famous Youtuber Roni Bäck celebrated his 10-year anniversary of working on YouTube by planting a tree for every video out of 1707 videos he has made. SunSilva Oy will grow these trees for the next 100 years to come! Our thanks go to Roni along with congratulations on his work anniversary and amazing cycling performance!


Roni cycled to visit us in Lapland all the way from Helsinki! Also, check the video below.

Our retailers online!

Now our Your very own tree products are available from the gift card selections of our newest collaboratos.

Your very own tree can be found in:

Check out the video!

Kylmäluoma visitor centre - Hossa Nature Centre - Read more here!

Our local retailer network keeps growing!

Kylmäluoma visitor centre is now official retailer of SunSilva's products and services. Watch and fall in love with it!

The coffee shop Korouoman Eräkahvila

The coffee shop Korouoman Eräkahvila is an authentic and very special place at the gate of the natural reserve Korouoma, which was shaped during the ice age.

Our collaboration is going strong from the very start: the coffee shop Korouoman Eräkahvila is our first retailer.


We started e-commerce cooperation with Finndetector Oy! Being the first online consumer electronics store in Finland, Finndetector offers customers tree cultivation in our #RegeneratedForest (#Uudismetsä) on our afforested base when the shopping basket value exceeds 500€.
We welcome online retailers to the SunSilva family to endue their customers with the opportunity of a more responsible shopping experience!

Finndetector Oy is voting for a more responsible shopping experience!

Finndetector – check also:

K-Market Kuusamo

K-Market Kuusamo is going to plant the forest for our neighborhood, the village of Käylä in the city of Kuusamo. The merchants will plant one tree a day for the next year, that is, 365 trees in total!

Pikkupeukku Ky

Our hometown's  Pikkupeukku has joined our cause and will plant the forest in Koillismaa!

Matkajoki Camping Oy

It’s a great time to visit the cottages from Matkajoki Camping Oy! For every cottage accommodation a tree will be planted in Kuusamo.

Jalavan Kauppa

Jalavan Kauppa Oy is a solid foundation of our home village and at the same time the oldest operating village store in Finland!

Also, check their website at www.jalavankauppa.fi/verkkokauppa.


A versatile motorsports center, which is located less than 40 km from the center of city of Oulu, was the first in the industry to take part in the domestic environmental work!

Coach Iina Huttu

Coach Iina Huttu offered her clients an extremely responsible turn of the year! 12/21-1/22 We grow a new tree for each of the purchased nutrition and training programs and coaching months!

K-Market Taivaltori

K-Market Taivaltori does its share by taking part in the summer tree-planting campaign!


Watch the videos of our collaborations with local businesses! Videos demonstrate our work on planting and growing forests.

SunSilva plants and grows forests in collaboration with its partners.

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