SunSilva Oy implements acts for nature that suit the look and the size of your company


Protecting or growing an individual tree is a concrete step in the right direction. In our opinion, the world changes through example and by changing attitudes.


We offer an almost childishly cheerful and joyful piece to this enormous puzzle precisely to you as an entrepreneur or as a company decision-maker so that by involving your employees and customers you can affect the prevailing atmosphere. We offer your company environmental acts in different sizes so that sustainable development will not remain only as words in strategy or annual goals.


We do not offer defying climate change as an arduous work, we will not tell you how much there is left to be done, and we also will not tell our customers what they should have bad conscience for.


We are a more responsible alternative for disposable junk, cruise gift cards, chocolate bars and movie tickets.

Our service promise:

  • What we sell, we grow.

  • All costs incurred by growing a tree are included in the price of our tree growing service (Act for Nature™).

  • Every protected tree can be found in our forests.

  • You can visit our forests at any time. Remember the Outdoor Etiquette!

  • Years of experience and local knowledge as the basis of your nature work.

We are trusted by companies from trade names to international corporations

Thousands of sold tree growings, our retailers from online stores to brick-and-mortar stores, Key Flag Symbol and Social Enterprise mark awarded by Association for Finnish Work, and our registered trademark SunSilva Act for Nature™ serve as recognition for the work we have done.




We challenge your company to participate in joint work to stop climate change and forest and species loss with concrete steps. It can be done with us by protecting trees or growing an entire forest.


A year ago we sold individual tree growings.

Now, in addition to these, we sell services to grow entire forests to our customer enterprises.



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Sunsilva act for nature™ (SunSilva Luontoteko™)

You can start operating more responsibly or complement your responsibility program with the easy-to-understand SunSilva Act for Nature.


SunSilva Act for Nature™ is an easy-to-understand, discussion-provoking tangible product that you can use to involve your customers or staff. Act for Nature is also an excellent gift to someone who already has everything necessary. SunSilva Act for Nature can be integrated into your existing product or service or it can be sold on its own.


Do you want to resell our products in your online store or in your shop? Contact us!

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more responsible business gifts

Sustainable and environmentally friendly business gifts for your stakeholders and staff.


You can also order our services directly for your company from our online store.


This gift will not be left in the corner collecting dust, it is certainly a natural product, and the receiver of the gift does not already own something like this.


Give Act for Nature™ or Very own tree as a business gift!


What does it tell the receiver of the gift about your company?

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An entire named forest

Trees will grow into a forest. Your trees will grow into your forest! An unique and easy-to-understand act that will create an unique and easy-to-understand piece of news for your marketing.

We will also carry out growing entire forests for your company in which every tree will be grown by your enterprise. These named forests can be customised according to their size and location. Naturally, we can also grow several forest patterns.


In addition to the growing service we offer a way to protect grown trees on the same principle. Every protected grown tree can be individualised.


Both of our services are produced transparently in Finland.


Let´s customise an environmental package that looks like your company together!

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Choose and make an environmental-friendly act with help of SunSilva – the new standard of environment responsibility from the land of Northern Lights.

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