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Attention, motorsport fans! Now, perhaps the world's most responsible advertising spots are available for sale in the motorsport center OuluZone!

A few more trees are still available for advertising purposes in front of the main grandstand, the buyer of the tree will get an advertising spot next to the container cafe.

We put a protective net around the planted tree where the advertisement is placed until the tree grows.
In addition to this, we will plant trees on the go-kart track, along the road leading to OuluZone, and in the fall we will renovate the intersection of Highway 20 (Oulu-Kuusamo) where we will sell advertised trees in a well-visible place!

Do not hesitate to contact us, the trees, and the visibility they bring in OuluZone are available in limited quantities.
Trees include saplings, protective coverings, cultivation, and advertisements.


Our first carbon sink plantings were completed on June 22, 2022, in Kuusamo! For example, Roni Bäck was one of our best summer workers, and now we are actively looking for new partners to support our growth!

Finndetector Oy offers a way of creating a more responsible online shopping experience!

When you make a purchase over 500€, Finndetector Oy will redeem a #RegeneratedForest (#Uudismetsä) sapling for you to grow with our help.
SunSilva provides companies with opportunities to take environmental actions so that sustainable development does not remain a mere beautiful term during the development of the proper strategy and achievement of annual goals. We want to challenge your company to make a joint effort to stop climate change and reverse the loss of species by making concrete small or big steps by growing single trees or an entire forest.

We help our customers gain visibility on social media and our website. Both parties benefit from this positive news. Moreover, we can also build a cross-industry cooperation network!

Please note that the Money Collection Act, which has been revised on November 22, 2021, enables making a completely new kind of more responsible business in Finland.

We operate in the municipality of Taivalkoski, providing solutions for companies worldwide and regardless of industry type. So, feel free to get in touch and ask for more information.

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Do you know how big is the carbon footprint of your company? We are happy to help you calculate your company's emissions, and you can also use the calculators available online to get started. The climate calculator considers emissions and consumption that arise from energy use, moving, purchases, and waste.

When you are aware of your carbon footprint, you may want to do something useful to help the environment right now. SunSilva offers companies the opportunity for emission compensation in two ways as follows:

  • Carbon-free year (Hiiletön vuosi) for the personnel
  • An opportunity to compensate for the carbon dioxide emissions in accordance with the emissions of the company or its department.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about the available options. Support our work for the diversity of nature!


We challenge your company to offset the carbon footprints of business operations and employees. We also encourage large companies to participate in work on climate change. Did you know that, for example, the emissions of companies in the logistics industry can be easily calculated, and the calculators can be adapted to the needs of many other sectors as well?

Responsible working activity and its visibility are ever-growing values in our society. Enhance environmental friendliness - it has never been so easy before! We customize the activity package according to your requirements.

We can plant the desired amount of forest on your behalf, and you will receive a certificate to be placed in a visible place. The certificate will state the amount of carbon dioxide bound by the trees, which were planted by us on your behalf, and the extent of their positive impact on our environment.

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Cooperating with SunSilva, your company will not only compensate for emissions but also gain visibility for environmental acts! You can choose the number of trees you want to plant, or alternatively, the entire forest can be named after your company.

We help those who have acquired an entire forest to gain visibility in our and our partners' channels, such as websites and social media. You will also get splendid news that will help you promote your own communications and marketing.

The best part is that you can support nature in countless ways by taking part in an old-growth forest project lasting hundreds of years!

Feel free to contact us so that together we can tailor the environmental-friendly package to your business needs!

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You can also start doing lighter responsible acts or complete your environmental-friendly goals with light and inexpensive environmental marketing of your own!

A positive act can be done throughout all the industries as follows:

  • A tree planted in the accommodation place
  • Planting the tree in the car maintenance workshop/repairing the equipment
  • A tree/product planted/repaired in the trade sector or launching a collection campaign
  • Planting a tree on the driving side/mileage 

You can collect a separate bank of saplings with micropayments from the units sold.

You can also reward your customer after meeting a certain sales goal by planting a tree for him.

All these options are also suitable for the protection of an adult tree!

And so on, the sky is only the limit!

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